Starting January 1, 2024, a Hawaii Motor Vehicle Surcharge Tax of $6.50 per day will be applied to all reservations. This tax is a State of Hawaii tax and a standard charge for car rental companies in Hawaii.

Separate fees may apply for the following reasons: 

Change of Reservation | Cancellation Fee> 1 hour before the start of the trip: no charge
< 1 hour before the start of the trip: 1 hour of the rental
When the reservation goes active (10 minutes prior to the start of the reservation): billed the full reservation time

No prorated refunds for starting a reservation late or returning early.
Missing Fuel Card or Parking Card$50
Improper Use of Fuel CardTotal cost of gas paid for by the improper use of Fuel Card + $100 + membership termination
Improper Return of Vehicle (Includes, but not limited to: lights left on, ignition left on, windows down, battery drained)
Unauthorized Driver (Vehicle was operated by an individual other than the approved driver on the member account)
$250 + membership termination 
Equipment Tampering$250 or repair/replacement of equipment, whichever is greater + membership termination
Unsecured Vehicle Fee (Vehicle was not locked and secured with Mobile App - reservation not properly ended)$50
Member's Damage Fee$1,000
Cleaning Fee: Tier 1 (Includes, but not limited to: sand, trash, minor amounts of pet hair, spilled liquids and food items. This does not require the vehicle to be taken out of service.)$25
Cleaning Fee: Tier 2 (Includes, but not limited to: severe sand, trash, pet hair, spilled liquids or food items, mud, or any soiling that requires the vehicle to be taken out of service for cleaning. Loss of Use Fee may also apply depending on severity.)$50
Loss of Use Fee (e.g., impounded vehicle)
day rate x # of days
Overdue Booking Rate~1.5x the hourly rate per hour
Low Fuel (Vehicle was returned with less than 1/4 tank of gas)$25
Inconvenience Fee (Delayed or inconvenienced another member)$500
Smoking (Next driver reported evidence of smoking such as strong odor, ashes, etc.)$250 + account suspension or termination 
Traffic and/or Parking Ticket and Processing Fee$20 + ticket
Roadside Service as a Result of Member Error or Negligence (When provided roadside assistance is a result of member error or negligence such as lock out service, fuel delivery, jump start or flat tire, member will be responsible for fee and costs incurred.)$50
Vehicle Returned to Wrong Location$100
Vehicle Parked in Stall at Wrong Hui Station$100