We want our vehicles to be as clean as possible for every user! Avoid cleaning fees and help out your fellow Hui drivers.

  • Shake out the floor mats to remove debris such as pet hair, sand or dirt. Please vacuum the interior if necessary. While we do not require users to clean the vehicle before they return, if it is returned in a condition that requires extensive cleaning, a fee may be applied.
  • Don't leave anything behind! Double-check that the car is cleared of trash or personal items.
  • If you drove a Tacoma, clear the truck bed of any debris.
  • If you go to the beach, place a towel on the seats to protect them from sand and water. Saltwater leaves behind hard-to-remove stains that can incur a cleaning fee.

These are our cleaning fees:

Cleaning Fee: Tier 1 (Includes but not limited to: sand, trash, minor amounts of pet hair, spilled liquids and food items. This does not require the vehicle to be taken out of service.)$25
Cleaning Fee: Tier 2 (Includes but not limited to: severe sand, trash, pet hair, spilled liquids or food items, mud, or any soiling that requires the vehicle to be taken out of service for cleaning. A Loss of Use Fee may also apply depending on severity.)$50
Loss of Use Fee (e.g., impounded vehicle)day rate x # of days
Smoking Fee (Next driver reported evidence of smoking such as strong odor, ashes, etc.)$250 + account suspension or termination