When you wish to end your trip and return your rented vehicle, you must:

  • Ensure vehicle has at least 1/4 tank — if you have time, be a great Hui community member and return the vehicle with more than the minimum;
  • Park the vehicle in the same parking spot where you picked the vehicle up originally;
  • Ensure that the vehicle engine is turned off;
  • Ensure that the fuel card and/or parking fob is located in the center console;
  • Ensure that the vehicle is clean and tidy and you have left none of your belongings in the vehicle;
  • Ensure that all windows, doors, and the trunk are fully closed and that all lights have been turned off;
  • Ensure that the vehicle is returned in its original condition, except for ordinary wear and tear due to reasonable use.

When you are ready to end your rental, simply tap the “End Reservation” button and confirm.